• Not ready to start trying?

    Learn about birth control, safer sex, preventing STIs and other ways to support your health now and in the future. Plan to be healthy.

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  • Birth Control

    Considering the number of pregnancies that are unintended, a birth control plan could be your most important plan.

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  • STIs & Safer Sex Practices

    If you’re sexually active, do the right thing for your health and your partner’s health: practice safer sex and get tested for STIs.

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  • Folic Acid

    Even though you are not planning a pregnancy right now, if you could become pregnant, take a daily multivitamin with folic acid in it.

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  • Age & Fertility

    Even if you’re not thinking about having a baby now, it pays to know how age can affect fertility and having a healthy baby.

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  • Healthy Mind & Body

    Almost everything to do with your mental and physical health now can impact your health and wellbeing in the future. A smart plan starts with planning to be healthy now.

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  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Cannabis

    Some things are unhealthy even if you’re not ready to have a baby.

    Alcohol Tobacco Cannabis
  • Medicine & Other Substances

    Any substance you take can change how your body feels or functions.

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  • Reproductive Life Plan

    If you’re not ready to have a baby now (or don’t know if you ever will be), a reproductive life plan can put you in the driver’s seat as you follow the path that’s right for you.

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