Knowing that 40% of pregnancies in Canada are unplanned, this site is for anyone who is able to conceive a child – whether you are Ready or Not – and the steps you can take to be as prepared as possible.

What is Preconception Health?

Even with the high quality of healthcare that is available in Alberta, there are still health problems for mothers and babies that could be improved with changes to health behaviours before pregnancy (preconception). Ready Or Not covers that time before pregnancy.

We know that there are steps a women can take before pregnancy that can make a big difference to her health before and during pregnancy. There are also steps that a man can take to improve his sexual health and overall well-being to help conceive a healthy baby with his partner. Knowing about these steps can help you make choices that support you, your partner and your future child.

Remember that not having a baby takes some healthy thinking too. So even if you are not ready for a baby right now, it is healthy to have a plan.

Who is this site for?

This site is for both males and females. This site is for those planning a pregnancy. This site is for those planning not to have children right now. Knowing that 40% of pregnancies in Canada are unplanned, the information on this site is for anyone who is able to become pregnant – whether you are Ready or Not – and the steps you can take to be as prepared as possible.

Where can I find information about pregnancy options and pregnancy and parenting information?

Ready Or Not was created to help improve maternal and birth outcomes by helping to change behaviours before a pregnancy happens. While there are many important and relevant messages during pregnancy, that is beyond the scope of this website.

Information about pregnancy and parenting is available at:

If you think you might be pregnant and want to know the options available to you, visit the AHS Sexual and Reproductive Health page for local resources and supports. Information specific to abortion can be found here:

Who created Ready Or Not?

Ready Or Not is an initiative from Alberta Health Services. The content on the site was a collaboration of several different stakeholders with an interest, and expertise, in all the different topics you see on the site. There were representatives from:

  • Reproductive Health
  • Alberta Perinatal Health Program
  • Midwifery Services
  • Antenatal and Preterm Birth
  • Perinatal Education
  • Genetics Outreach Program
  • Mental Health Screening and Early Identification
  • Addictions Prevention
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Communicable Disease Control
  • Research and Innovation
  • Environmental Health
  • Population and Public Health Nutrition
  • STI Provincial Programs
  • Provincial Oral Health Office
  • Population and Public Health representatives from all Zones


How to use this site:

This site has been designed knowing that you need different kinds of information based on your stage of life and your plans for having (or not having) children.

There are two equal but different paths on the site that take you to information for those who are “Ready” or for those who are “Not Ready” to think about baby-making. Each path has a number of different topics to help guide you to important information – follow the path that is right for you. Within each “sign-post” topic, there are common questions for you to explore.

When there is information specific to men or women, you will see it presented in boxes like the ones below:



Don’t hesitate to also read the information that is intended for your partner (or future partner). The more you know, the more you can support each other, now and in the future!

For those interested in pregnancy, you will find facts and tips related to “health before pregnancy” and ways to make changes, big and small, that can improve your health and the health of a future baby.

For others who are not planning a pregnancy right now, there is information about sexual health, birth control and protecting your health for your own well-being and for the time -if and when- you decide to have a baby in the future.

Within every topic, there is always a question titled Where to go for more help?. In these questions, we will provide links and contact information to trusted sources and resources where you can get detailed support, specific to you.

What is a Reproductive Life Plan?

The path to (or away from) parenthood looks different for different people. Thinking about what your own goals are is what we refer to as a Reproductive Life Plan. Though the term may sound medical, it is actually just a series of questions and action steps to help you determine your readiness for having a baby and becoming a parent. The plan offers suggestions to prepare for your future- with or without children – and care for your health and well-being in the process. On each topic of this site, there is a link near the bottom of the page to download a printable workbook that has all the questions and information you need to form your own Reproductive Life Plan.

What is My To-Do List?

Ready Or Not has a lot of information on it. While it is all important, some of it may be more important to you right now. That is why we have created My To-Do List. As you browse through different topics, be sure to click “Add this to my To-Do List” anytime you see something you want to print, email, save, or share.

Think of it as a shopping cart – and when you are done, each item will be placed in your To-Do List, along with a key message and an action item. Use it to share important info with a partner or use it as a reminder for your next check-up with a doctor or health care professional.

Please note that, as we do not ask for any personal information, we cannot save your list indefinitely. Your list will only be saved for a week after your last added item.

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