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What is a reproductive life plan?

A reproductive life plan is a simple tool to help you decide if and when you are ready to have a baby. By helping you identify your values, priorities and actions to take, it can also improve your chances of getting pregnant, and having a healthy baby.

I’m in my 40s and wonder about having a child now. What should I know?

Age can affect fertility for everyone. Answering the questions in the reproductive life plan can help you decide when to start trying to have a baby. Someone in their 40s sometimes feels better prepared to be a parent than when they were younger. They may be more established in their careers and their life experiences […]

I’m in my 20s and wonder if I am ready to have a baby. What can I do?

If or when to start a family is a personal decision. Answering the questions in the reproductive life plan may help you feel more prepared to make decisions about your plan for when (or if) to have children. Although it may not seem like there is a ‘perfect’ time to have a baby, having a […]