Contemplator QA Post Category: Food Handling

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

Food poisoning or foodborne illness can happen when the food you eat contains harmful germs that make you sick. The first symptom of foodborne illness is usually diarrhea. You may also feel sick to your stomach, vomit, have stomach cramps, fever, and in severe cases, blood in your stool. Excessive diarrhea and vomiting can cause […]

What is a foodborne illness?

A foodborne illness occurs when harmful germs, such as bacteria, parasites, or viruses, contaminate the food that you eat, making you sick. These germs may get into food when it’s prepared, processed, or if it’s washed with contaminated water.  There are two ways that foodborne illnesses occur: Foodborne infection: Consuming food containing harmful germs, such […]

Why is safe food handling important when I’m trying to become pregnant?

Foodborne illnesses can impact you and your developing baby during pregnancy. Your ability to fight off infections is decreased when you’re pregnant, making you more vulnerable to foodborne illness. Practicing safe food handling, such as thoroughly and regularly washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, and using clean utensils and cooking equipment, can reduce your risk of encountering […]