Contemplator QA Post Category: Occupational Hazards

Where can I get help?

If you’re concerned about a workplace hazard, talk with your employer or occupational health and safety personnel. Talk with your health care provider if you’re exposed to a hazard in the workplace that might affect your reproductive health. To report a workplace incident, accident or concern, call the Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre at […]

How can I protect myself from occupational hazards?

To help protect yourself: keep your safety training up-to-date do all the training that’s offered to you use appropriate protective gear (including goggles, protective suits, or gloves) keep your immunizations up-to-date follow rules about hand washing or cleaning up at work read all health and safety updates your employer gives you follow the guidelines from […]

What is an occupational hazard?

An occupational hazard is an on-the-job risk that could have a negative effect on your health. The risk could be to your physical or mental health. These could include injury, illness, disability (short-term or long-term) or death. Below are different types of occupational hazards: Physical: heat, cold, light, noise, vibration or radiation Biological: viruses, bacteria, […]