Contemplator QA Post Category: Tobacco

Where can I get help?

AlbertaQuits is an Alberta Health Services program that provides free support to reduce and quit using tobacco and vaping products. There is a helpline, support group and text service that you can use to get help and advice. For more information and a full listing of services, please visit Getting Help – AlbertaQuits. If you […]

What effect does tobacco and vaping products have on me?

If you can reduce and quit using tobacco or vaping products, it benefits your health and the health of your future developing baby.  Avoiding smoke and aerosol from vaping supports a healthy pregnancy while promoting growth of the developing baby’s brain and lungs. Helping your baby to grow healthy is important, but your health is […]

What effect could tobacco have on my partner’s or my chance to become pregnant?

Tobacco and vaping product use can affect the ability to become pregnant as well as other parts of a person’s reproductive and sexual health. People who smoke tobacco may have more trouble becoming pregnant compared to those who don’t smoke. Those that smoke tobacco have a higher risk of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy (the fertilized egg […]

Are any tobacco or vaping products safe?

Unfortunately, neither are safe. Tobacco and vaping products have toxic and cancer-causing chemicals in them. These are harmful to your health and the health of those around you. There is no safe amount of use or exposure to tobacco and vaping products. However, if you aren’t ready to quit, there may be less harmful options. […]