Contemplator QA Post Category: Fertility

How soon after I stop birth control could I become pregnant?

Don’t assume that your body needs time to adjust. You could become pregnant as soon as you stop using birth control, even if your periods are not regular. Even if you’ve been using birth control for a long time, you can become pregnant without any risk to your health or the health of the developing […]

How can my partner and I increase the chances of getting pregnant?

When you are trying to become pregnant you should: stop using birth control have unprotected sex during the most fertile days There are certain days during a person’s menstrual cycle when they are more likely to be able to become pregnant. See the calendar above to help you identify those days, called the ‘fertile window’. […]

What are the causes of infertility?

Damage to, or abnormalities of the reproductive system, age, infections, certain medical conditions and some behaviours are all linked to infertility. The following can affect the ability to become pregnant and conceive a baby: heavy alcohol use using tobacco or and vaping products being exposed to a hot workplace environment or working with chemicals being […]

What is fertility? What is infertility?

Fertility is the ability to become pregnant and carry the pregnancy to full term. Fertility can be affected by a problem with one or both reproductive systems. Infertility is when a fertilized egg isn’t able to develop in the uterus (fertilized egg means the sperm reached and entered the egg). It means not being able […]