Contemplator QA Post Category: Health and Family

How can I learn more about my family history?

Ask your family about any health conditions that parents, grandparents, parents’ siblings, cousins, or siblings may have had. Ask about chronic disease (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or high blood pressure), inherited conditions, and mental health concerns. If you’re not in contact with your family, you can check out genealogy sites for information about the […]

Where can I find my health records?

You can follow your health history and access personal health records through a provincial online system. MyHealth Records is an online tool that allows you to access your personal health records that have information about the following: immunization history medications lab test results You can sign up for a secure digital ID that will allow […]

What other types of health concerns should I talk about with my health care provider?

If any of these apply to you, talk with your health care provider about: prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, herbal products, vitamin and minerals that you take tobacco or tobacco-like product use alcohol use occupational hazards, chemicals or heat social concerns related to your health (e.g. housing, finances, food access, social supports) your travel history

What types of medical conditions should I talk about with my health care provider?

Some medical conditions should be discussed with your health care provider. Talk with your health care provider if: you or your partner have an inherited condition. An inherited condition usually ‘runs in the family’ with one or more people in the family having the condition.  In some cases, those conditions can be the result of […]