Pre-contemplator QA Post Category: Environmental Risks

What is a foodborne illness? What are the symptoms?

A foodborne illness occurs when harmful germs, such as bacteria, parasites, or viruses, contaminate the food that you eat, making you sick. These germs may get into food when it’s prepared, processed, or if it’s washed with contaminated water. When in doubt, throw it out: If you aren’t sure if a food is safe, don’t […]

What are some of the risks when using chemicals in different jobs?

If you work in any of the following areas, there are risks with using some chemicals that you need to be aware of.  Healthcare risks:  Chemicals used to disinfect Some drugs can also put workers at risk. Exposure to chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer, and antiviral drugs can affect the respiratory system, damage the […]

What is an occupational hazard and how can I protect myself?

An occupational hazard is an on-the-job risk that could have a negative effect on your health. The risk could be to your physical or mental health. These could include injury, illness, disability (short-term or long-term) or death.  Below are the different types of occupational hazards:  Physical: heat, cold, light, noise, vibration or radiation  Biological: viruses, […]

What risks are there in home renovations? Are some products safer?

Older homes can have lead in the paint or asbestos in the walls, pipes, flooring, paint, insulation or cement blocks. Asbestos can damage the lungs and lead to lung disease and cancer. It can be found in older homes and buildings. It may be in plaster walls, pipes, flooring, paint, insulation, or cement blocks. You […]

How can I safely work with chemicals?

You may be working with chemicals in your job or in your home. To lower your risk when working with chemicals: follow the directions on the label follow all safety guidelines wear the right safety or protective clothing (gloves, mask, and goggles) use the right equipment wash your hands before and after contact with chemicals […]