Pre-contemplator QA Post Category: Immunization

Where can I get more information about immunization?

For more information: Talk with your health care provider Call Health Link at 811 Contact your local community or public health centre  Visit AHS Immunization and Vaccines Visit Travel Advice and Advisories for travel information by destination and COVID-19 Travel page for general information about COVID-19

What is mpox?

Mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) is a rare illness caused by infection with the mpox virus.  Mpox virus is related to the smallpox virus but typically causes less serious disease.  Mpox spreads through close contact with someone who has mpox. It may also spread if you have contact with bedding or clothing that touches the […]

Why is COVID-19 immunization recommended?

COVID-19 vaccines protect against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (also known as COVID-19). The virus causes an infection in the lungs. In some cases, it can also cause problems with other body organs. The COVID-19 vaccine does not prevent all infections, but it lowers your risk of severe outcomes such as being in the hospital or death. […]

Which vaccines are recommended for adults?

The vaccines you need as an adult depend on your age, overall health, pregnancy status, job, and travel plans. Your needs also depend on who you are in close contact with and what vaccines you had in the past. Some vaccines protect for life, while others need to be repeated (boosted) after a certain period […]

Are vaccines safe?

Yes, vaccines used in Canada are very safe. Getting immunized is much safer than getting the disease. In Canada, vaccines must go through strict testing before they are approved for use. Health Canada carefully oversees how vaccines are produced. Vaccines go through detailed tests and quality checks. Health care providers follow strict methods to make […]

Why is immunization important?

Immunization protects against many preventable diseases. Vaccines help to make your immune system stronger and build antibodies to help prevent disease.  If you haven’t had all of your immunizations, it is never too late for you to catch up. Getting immunized is much safer than getting the disease that it prevents. Vaccines benefit everyone. Not […]