Pre-contemplator QA Post Category: Reproductive Life Plan

I don’t want to have children right now. Do I need a reproductive life plan?

Not having a baby takes some healthy planning too. Even if you’re not planning a pregnancy right now, it is important to think about your future. A reproductive life plan can help you identify birth control methods and safer sex practices that will not only prevent pregnancy now, but will also protect your sexual health […]

Why is a reproductive life plan helpful for everyone?

It takes a combination of a healthy egg and a healthy sperm to make a baby. Whether or not you intend to have a pregnancy now, later or not at all, a reproductive life plan can help you. Not every pregnancy is intended and a reproductive life plan can help prevent an unintended pregnancy and […]

What does a reproductive life plan include?

A reproductive life plan provides information and steps that can help to improve your physical and mental health and protect your fertility.  This can improve your chances of having a healthy baby in the future. Topics covered include: Protecting your physical and mental health Eating Healthy Being Active Immunization For people who can become pregnant, […]

What is a reproductive life plan?

A reproductive life plan is a simple tool to help you decide if and when you are ready to have a baby. By helping you identify your values, priorities and actions to take, it can also improve your chances of getting pregnant, and having a healthy baby when you are ready. The plan offers questions […]