Pre-contemplator QA Post Category: Birth Control

Where can I get help?

For counselling, information and referrals for birth control, unintended pregnancies, pregnancy options and safer sex practices visit AHS Sexual and Reproductive Health or contact your health care provider to learn about local resources and supports. Information specific to abortion can be found here

What do I do if I’m pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant and want to know the options (parenting, abortion, adoption) available to you, visit the AHS Sexual and Reproductive Health page for local resources and supports. If you are pregnant and want more information about pregnancy and parenting go to Healthy Parents, Healthy Children or get a print copy For […]

How soon after I stop birth control could I become pregnant?

You could become pregnant as soon as you stop using birth control, even if your periods are not regular yet. Even if you’ve been using birth control for a long time, you can become pregnant without any risk to your health or the health of the developing baby. To learn more, see Getting Pregnant after […]

What are my birth control options?

There are many methods of birth control. Some prevent pregnancy by stopping the egg from being released (ovulation). Others act as a barrier to prevent sperm from reaching and entering the egg. Condoms are the only method of birth control that also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Emergency contraceptive pills (EC) can be used […]